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Freedom Creative Arts Therapy

Sometimes talking is just not enough.

The Base Baby Watching UK website describes the programme as follows:

B.A.S.E. ® Babywatching is most often a classroom-based programme which increases children’s empathy and sensitivity towards each other and reduces anxiety and aggression. It can also be effective in smaller group settings.

Babywatching is a teacher-led, evidence-based programme, designed to enable children to access their empathy through observing a mother and baby and experiencing how a secure attachment relationship develops.

Research is showing that watching a mother (or father) and baby consistently helps children to experience empathy internally themselves and externally as they observe empathic exchanges between the parent and the baby. Children watch closely as parents and babies signal to each other and attune. This awareness of their growing relationship has been found to reduce the children’s hostility and anxiety and increase their sensitivity and alertness.

For more information please visit their website. Follow the link, B.A.S.E. ® Babywatching, and it will take you straight there.

If you think B.A.S.E could help the children in your class/school or if you think your child may benefit from the programme please contact us or ask your child's school to contact us and we can discuss the referral.

You can book our therapist term time only to run a baby watching group in your school or establishment. 

Cost is £60 per 1 hour visit (session runs for 30minutes). Weekly Sessions continue until the baby being observed is either walking or a year old, which ever occurs first.