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Freedom Creative Arts Therapy

Sometimes talking is just not enough.


Creative Arts Therapy continues to offer a service



I want to reassure you that Freedom Creative Arts Therapy Service has continued to offer support to children and their families using online methods. I can now offer both face to face and online support and so you have a choice as to which suits you best.

Safe face to face sessions

In order for us to meet face to face there are some guidelines we have to stick to in order to reduce the risk of infection from the Coronavirus (covid-19)

  • Hand washing/hand sanitizing in place on arrival to session.
  • Door handles, toilet facilities, surfaces and equipment used will be wiped down and disinfected after each client visit.
  • Face coverings will be available in the therapy room for use as and when young clients or therapist need to use them. Clients face coverings will be disposed of safely after client leaves.
  • If young client or the adult bringing them has symptoms of Covid-19, feels unwell or is showing symptoms of a cold not session will take place for that week.
  • Young clients and their adult will be expected to let the therapist know if they have been in contact with anyone who has had or is showing signs of having Covid-19.
  • Track and trace will be in place. If I as the therapist develop symptoms of Covid-19 I will inform clients and the relevant national agency that needs to know. As part of this I, as therapist will also have to inform the relevant national agency who I have been in contact with. I won't however have to disclose the context of how or why I know these people.
  • If a young client has had symptoms of Covid-19 not therapy sessions will be able to take place for two weeks or until the young client has had the all clear from medical professionals.

Financial Support

If you are on a reduced income please take advantage of our reduced concession rate - ask me for details when we speak.

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Together we can continue therapy in a very safe and effective way.