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Freedom Creative Arts Therapy

Sometimes talking is just not enough.

Sand Tray Therapy is offered as part of the therapy session

Sand play Therapy.

Jungian Sand play Therapy is an effective non-talking therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Freedom Therapeutic Services offers it as part of the play therapy or creative arts therapy session. The client is encouraged to make use of the materials, objects and figures to create an image in the sand tray. The therapist offers a free and protected space, where healing, personal growth, insight and change can occur for the client by working at depth with the unconscious process of their psyche.

Child Sand Tray

Adolescent Sand Tray

Adult Sand Tray

Sand Tray work is often good when events and trauma have happened before the client had the words to link to the experience or that the experience was too unspeakable to be able to process the event using words alone.