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Freedom Creative Arts Therapy

Sometimes talking is just not enough.

BAPT : Play Therapy In Action

A BAPT introduction to the core skills of a Play Therapist. The children in this video are actors and not real clients. The therapists are real, and reacting spontaneously to the actions of the child.

Creative Arts Therapy

Younger children up to the age of eleven years

Adults often use words to communicate. Children don’t always have the words to explain what is going on for them. Also sometimes children don’t understand how they a re feeling. 

With younger children often play forms a huge part of a child's therapy session. See the video clip above which will tell you more about how a younger child's therapy session might look.

Using play in a creative arts therapy session with younger clients can bring help and healing to children experiencing a wide variety of difficulties, including but not limited to the following:

  • Struggling to learn or concentrate at school
  • At risk of exclusion from school.
  • Nightmares or disturbed sleep.
  • Being bullied, or bullies others.
  • Suffering from stress, anxiety or phobias.
  • Experiencing a deeply upsetting event.
  • Memories from a previous trauma.
  • Self harm
  • Suffered a loss or bereavement.
  • Suffering any kind of abuse.
  • Eating or sleeping difficulties
  • Displays challenging behaviour.
  • Withdrawn or unhappy.
  • Depression
  • Families going through separation or divorce

The child is expected to keep within the set boundaries but has a choice over how they want to do things. Over time the therapy enables the child to be able to regulate their own emotions more healthily and be better equipped to be able to deal more appropriately with situations in their everyday lives. It gives them an opportunity to experience a safe, confidential space and relationship. Children can talk about things in play therapy but they don’t have to as the emphasis is placed upon doing rather than talking.

Parents can refer their own children to the service for individual Creative Arts Therapy, other professionals such as school staff, Gp's, social workers, foster parents, speech and language therapists can also refer with permission from the person who holds parental responsibility for the child.

Please see Costs for more information